7 Things to Do to Position Your Home Business for Success

OK so if you are in business working from home, either online or in person you need a way to stand out from all the other competing companies out there. How do you stand out from even other distributors or affiliates of a company if you are marketing online? Shouting out I am the best won’t do the trick but creating trust, developing a relationship with your prospective customers and gaining their confidence will do wonders for your success.

The Biggest Secret to Marketing Success
The biggest secret of marketing is that selling yourself is even more important than what you sell. What you have to offer first is you, your knowledge, your support, your trust.

So if you are marketing a service where people don’t have a tangible product they can hold in their hands it is so important to have a good reputation. Think about when you need your plumbing fixed or your car repaired how naturally you seek out the services of someone you can trust. You might ask friends or family for a recommendation or do some research and rely on the testimonials of satisfied customers. Testimonials from real people can be a very strong selling point. They help you understand and relate to other peoples experience and can remove the fear of being taken for a ride by an shady mechanic or plumber who sells you a bunch of unneeded repairs.

When marketing a home based business you need to be careful about saying negative things about your competitors. Even if the things you say are true and are provable it can hurt your business because many people don’t want to do business with someone who makes others look bad while trying to make themselves look good. So think about the image that you are creating before bashing another person or business. The idea is to attract potential customers to you not to alienate them by being negative.

I have found that being honest about your experience and qualifications will help you much more that making false claims. People relate better when what you say is believable not just a bunch of hype. You will find lots of people who resonate with your experiences and feel comfortable with who you are naturally. You can ask clients for a testimonial or to be a reference for your service or product. If you have a sponsor who is successful and has an established positive reputation you can have them write a short commentary about working with you and what type of person you are. This can be very effective even before you have generated lots of sales.

If you have an internet presence for your home business with websites, a blog and lead capture pages you need to create a sense of trust. If you make outrageous claims that you cannot deliver on then generating new business will be tough. What has been your reaction to websites with claims about making a million bucks and you don’t need to do any work and yada yada. You sure didn’t believe the hype did you? Your potential customers won’t believe it either, so keep it real, supply evidence to back up your claims and be honest with people.

Don’t take advantage of people, instead provide them with real value– training, helpful tools, information websites, real customer support, these things will help you establish yourself as a trustworthy person and you will have prospects choosing to work with you base on the confidence and trust you create.

The real secret to work from home business success regardless of which company you represent or what products you offer is that until people are sold on you as the business owner and they trust you they are not doing business. So remember to sell yourself first by being of service, being honest, keeping it real and be the type of person that your potential customers will be attracted to. If you do this you will create a very successful home business.